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Jewish Russian Community Centre’s Youth String Orchestra

was created with the help of Jewish Community Foundation. This is a rare opportunity to see homegrown emerging talent perform alongside accomplished musicians under the baton of Pavel Feldman, creator and conductor of our unique orchestra
Pavel Feldman

Participation in our orchestra gives the young musicians various opportunities

Master a diverse musical repertoire in various genres and develop the sense of creativity duding team rehearsal
Explore opportunity to perform during concerts side by side with professional musicians who join us during concerts
Make life lasting friendships with the people with similar interests in music. We are so different but we play together as one

Our young and talented musicians are playing together with professionals

Alessandro Marcello - Adagio in D-minor
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Boris Pigovat - "Dedicated to M.Chagall",

Jewish Rhapsody on a traditional tune (Hava Nagila)

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J. S. Bacht

Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 n D-Major

A. Vivaldi, Concerto Op. 4

"La Stravaganza", 1st movement


This project was made possible with support from

JCF of Montreal